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brain on twitterguardian 8:35pm via HootSuite: Typhoon #Usagi: have you been affected? Share your images and stories here

WIRED 8:11pm via Adobe® Social: “She was aware of their status only on Facebook, in that sort of promiscuous oh-hi-there-let’s-stay-in-touch way.”

Food52 8:01pm via HootSuite: Isn’t it convenient that tomatoes are perfectly shaped for stuffing with bread, greens, and pancetta?

nytimes 7:59pm via SocialFlow: Even having 2 jobs is no guarantee against homelessness in NYC

Josh_Bersin 7:58pm via The Wall Street Journal. on iOS: How to get a job. It’s about work ethic and being a continuous learner. Advice from staffing firm CEO.

nytimes 7:45pm via SocialFlow: There’s now little hope for life on Mars

ezraklein 6:30pm via SocialFlow: Banks are essential to the commodities market, say banks

Richard_Florida 6:29pm via Web: The Persistent Geography of Poverty –…

iamnotaunicorn 5:44pm via Twitter for iPhone: Is there any way to turn Siri off, you guys? She’s like a drunk intern.

WSJ 5:35pm via SocialFlow: To lure wealthy investors, more countries now offer millionaire visas. What it takes to get one:

KerryHannon 5:28pm via Tweet Button: 10 Ways To Cut The Cost Of Going Back To College via @Forbes

TheTweetOfGod 5:28pm via Twitter for iPhone: For the last time, mankind: I don’t need your help killing people.

gogirlfinance 5:15pm via Buffer: Expert @ManishaThakor answers one readers question: Should I Go Into Debt for Grad School?

thedailybeast 4:49pm via SocialFlow: Rage against Obamacare

thenation 4:46pm via HootSuite : America’s Shameful Poverty Stats

BreakingNews 4:21pm via  At least 39 people dead, 150 injured in Nairobi mall attack, Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta says – @SkyNewsBreak

TIME 4:00pm via TweetDeck: Ashton Kutcher earns $750,000 for every episode of ‘Two and a Half Men’ | (via @TIMECulture)

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