6 things that cracked me up in 2011

The Happiest Place On Earth

Who needs pos­i­tive think­ing when you have a dark sense of humor?

This was my Face­book sta­tus update on Tues­day, billed as my “Insight of the Day.” (Actu­ally, it was my first and only insight likely to be so labeled, but Face­book  is for­giv­ing that way.)

In any case, I’ve been think­ing a lot about humor lately—and the crit­i­cal role it’s played dur­ing my past year in Plan B Nation. Of all the qual­i­ties that serve us well in this place of uncertainty—optimism, grat­i­tude, and per­se­ver­ance, being just a few—humor is per­haps the only one that comes nat­u­rally to me.

Peo­ple often tell me that I am funny, and it’s true that some­times I can be, but where I really excel is in recall­ing funny things I’ve read and heard. In that spirit, here are six things that cracked me up this year—and helped make my roller coaster search for work both bear­able and (at times) entertaining.

1. I’m sorry I bit you dur­ing my job inter­view: For most of us in Plan B Nation, job inter­views are seri­ous stuff.  In any case, rest assured that what­ever hap­pened at your last inter­view, it was nowhere near as bad as this guy’s.

2.  And that’s why you should learn to pick your bat­tles: But per­haps you are totally sick of think­ing about jobs, work, the econ­omy, or any­thing remotely related to any of these. If so, per­haps the time has come to spend some time reflect­ing on BIG METAL CHICKENS.  Seri­ously, I rec­om­mend it. You’ll be glad that you did.

3. Adven­tures in depres­sion: Still, no doubt about it, life in Plan B Nation can really suck, and you may find your­self becom­ing just a teensy bit clin­i­cally depressed. In which case, I’d like to intro­duce you to this darkly hilar­i­ous lit­tle car­toon about how even the sad­dest among us can still find a way through.

4.  Why yoga can be so irri­tat­ing (although you should go any­way!): Of course, one of the best ways to avoid depres­sion is reg­u­lar exer­cise. Yoga has the added ben­e­fit of fos­ter­ing a deep sense of con­nec­tion to the world around us—except when it doesn’t.

5.  An hon­est Face­book polit­i­cal argu­ment: Just because you are home alone on your com­puter look­ing for work doesn’t mean you can’t take part in dis­cus­sions of the major issues of the day.  And where bet­ter to do this than Facebook?

6. Need a role model? If so, look no fur­ther than best­selling author Laura Zig­man, whose Xtra­nor­mal video series has quickly been gain­ing a cult fol­low­ing and offers text­book exam­ples of Plan B Nation humor.

* * *

I hope you enjoyed these. Please help add to my col­lec­tion! Share your per­sonal 2011 favorites in the com­ment sec­tion below.

© 2011, amy gut­man. All rights reserved.

2 thoughts on “6 things that cracked me up in 2011

  1. Hi Aviva–So glad you enjoyed these! Also, love your descrip­tion of “look­ing to the world of cre­ative words, silly obser­va­tions, pub­lic self-deprecation, and rarely made con­nec­tions, as a route to my plan B.” Well put!

    Thanks for tak­ing the time to com­ment & hope to “see you” again.
    amy gut­man recently posted…Why Newt Gin­grich is my new role modelMy Profile

  2. Thank you for these offer­ings Amy. As a newly minted blog­ger and ex health pol­icy ana­lyst who is look­ing to the world of cre­ative words, silly obser­va­tions, pub­lic self-deprecation, and rarely made con­nec­tions, as a route to my plan B (by the way I love that name!!) I am left over­whelmed, inspired, freaked out and laugh­ing out loud, by your posts and your links to oth­ers. Tons of peo­ple want to write for a liv­ing, few do it really well, even fewer for a liv­ing. But few is still quite a few, and it’s hum­bling to nod furi­ously and laugh along, at the capac­ity of oth­ers to cap­ture pre­cisely what I am feel­ing. And the envi­ous part of me thinks shit! I should have said that, why didn’t I say it first? And the kinder, smarter part of me thinks wow, so glad there are such insight­ful, cre­ative, fun writ­ers out there to be read for FREE!
    Aviva Rubin recently posted…Fir­ing off in all direc­tions or Avoid­ing one basketMy Profile

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