6 things that cracked me up in 2011

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Who needs positive thinking when you have a dark sense of humor?

This was my Facebook status update on Tuesday, billed as my “Insight of the Day.” (Actually, it was my first and only insight likely to be so labeled, but Facebook  is forgiving that way.)

In any case, I’ve been thinking a lot about humor lately—and the critical role it’s played during my past year in Plan B Nation. Of all the qualities that serve us well in this place of uncertainty—optimism, gratitude, and perseverance, being just a few—humor is perhaps the only one that comes naturally to me.

People often tell me that I am funny, and it’s true that sometimes I can be, but where I really excel is in recalling funny things I’ve read and heard. In that spirit, here are six things that cracked me up this year—and helped make my roller coaster search for work both bearable and (at times) entertaining.

1. I’m sorry I bit you during my job interview: For most of us in Plan B Nation, job interviews are serious stuff.  In any case, rest assured that whatever happened at your last interview, it was nowhere near as bad as this guy’s.

2.  And that’s why you should learn to pick your battles: But perhaps you are totally sick of thinking about jobs, work, the economy, or anything remotely related to any of these. If so, perhaps the time has come to spend some time reflecting on BIG METAL CHICKENS.  Seriously, I recommend it. You’ll be glad that you did.

3. Adventures in depression: Still, no doubt about it, life in Plan B Nation can really suck, and you may find yourself becoming just a teensy bit clinically depressed. In which case, I’d like to introduce you to this darkly hilarious little cartoon about how even the saddest among us can still find a way through.

4.  Why yoga can be so irritating (although you should go anyway!): Of course, one of the best ways to avoid depression is regular exercise. Yoga has the added benefit of fostering a deep sense of connection to the world around us—except when it doesn’t.

5.  An honest Facebook political argument: Just because you are home alone on your computer looking for work doesn’t mean you can’t take part in discussions of the major issues of the day.  And where better to do this than Facebook?

6. Need a role model? If so, look no further than bestselling author Laura Zigman, whose Xtranormal video series has quickly been gaining a cult following and offers textbook examples of Plan B Nation humor.

Video URL: https://youtu.be/Gu8yaXEY5GE

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I hope you enjoyed these. Please help add to my collection! Share your personal 2011 favorites in the comment section below.

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2 thoughts on “6 things that cracked me up in 2011

  1. Hi Aviva–So glad you enjoyed these! Also, love your description of “look­ing to the world of cre­ative words, silly obser­va­tions, pub­lic self-deprecation, and rarely made con­nec­tions, as a route to my plan B.” Well put!

    Thanks for taking the time to comment & hope to “see you” again.

  2. Thank you for these offerings Amy. As a newly minted blogger and ex health policy analyst who is looking to the world of creative words, silly observations, public self-deprecation, and rarely made connections, as a route to my plan B (by the way I love that name!!) I am left overwhelmed, inspired, freaked out and laughing out loud, by your posts and your links to others. Tons of people want to write for a living, few do it really well, even fewer for a living. But few is still quite a few, and it’s humbling to nod furiously and laugh along, at the capacity of others to capture precisely what I am feeling. And the envious part of me thinks shit! I should have said that, why didn’t I say it first? And the kinder, smarter part of me thinks wow, so glad there are such insightful, creative, fun writers out there to be read for FREE!

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